I am David

My name is David Adrián Cañones Castellano and I am engineer, consultant and entrepreneur. During the day, I work as a consultant. At night I work in Atomic Media. Sleep on the weekends. Love traveling, gaming & hardware, music and family.


MSc Industrial Engineer by training, I am actually involved in Data Science projects, specially taking advantage of data to train Machine Learning models. I am also getting started with Web Development.


Since the very beginning of my career I have been working as a Consultant in the IT field in one of the largest service companies in Spain.


I was first in touch with the startup scene during my MBA studies in 2015. Since then, I have been involved in some side projects, alone and in company. Some of these project failed miserably, but some others are in progress and look really promising.



I travel as frequently as I can, but staying in a place for a short period of time and with little to zero real interaction with local people and culture (asking for a meal in a restaurant obviously does not count) is not enough for me, that is why I am planning to move into digital nomadism for a while, or at least, reallocate to another country.

This is me visiting the Forbidden City:

Picture of David visiting the Forbidden City

Gaming & Hardware:

Although lately I am using my powerful graphics cards to train neural networks rather than gaming I am a hobbist gamer. Among my favourites are: Zelda, The Witcher, Mass Effect and World of Warcraft.

This is me having a break from coding:

Picture of David playing video games

I even have an almost empty Youtube channel where I plan to upload all those amazing gameplays I don’t have time to record, check the link in the bottom of this page.

Obviously I am also a big fan of powerful computers and cutting-edge technology hardware. For years, I have been involved in overclocking competitions and hardware online communities as a very active member and sometimes forum moderator.


I listen to music all the time (literally I am addicted to it) and I touch almost all genres, specially hip-hop, rock and new age. More recently I am into electronic music, mostly vaporwave. In the past, I studied 10 years of piano and I still enjoy listening to classical composers among with other modern ones like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nobuo Uematsu, Lang Lang, Joe Hisaishi.

One thing I’d like to accomplish in the mid term future is learning to create my own electronic music using tools like MIDI keyboards and FL Studio.


Love spending time with my family:

Cañones Castellano family

Share my life with Cristina:


At this moment I live in Madrid:

Picture of Madrid