Curriculum Vitae

David Adrián Cañones Castellano

Data Scientist


More than 3 years of experience in Data Science and Consultancy. I help companies and institutions to solve complex problems applying data-driven solutions. I love a well and carefully done job.

My main working tool is the Python Data Science stack (pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, etc.). Experienced with Big Data and distributed computing tools (Hadoop ecosystem).

I am also an open source advocate and altruistically collaborate on software development and events. I invest a great amount of my free time studying and trying new things.

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Data Scientist, Pragsis Bidoop (July 2017 - Today):
Working as Senior Data Scientist at Pragsis Bidoop.

Data Scientist, Kernel Analytics (October 2017 - July 2018):
Worked as Data Scientist at Kernel Analytics, a boutique Data Science consultancy firm. I helped our customers to make better decisions taking advantage of data and advanced analytics techniques. We work for top spanish and international companies.

  • Responsibilities: designing and implementing data pipelines, performing exploratory data analysis, training machine learning models, communicating results using dashboards, visualizations and presentations. Handling large amounts of data using Big Data technologies.

  • Environment: Python Data Science stack, Hadoop ecosystem, Relational Databases.

Data Scientist (R&D), Grupo Servinform (September 2016 - October 2017):
Worked as researcher Data Scientist in a data driven research project awarded with EU R&D funds. This project was the result of a collaboration with IWT2, a research group from the University of Seville.

  • Responsibilities: designed data pipelines using a micro-services approach, wrote large parts of the web app backend, implemented a recommendation system and natural language processing applied to a search engine, wrote technical documentation.

  • Environment: Python Data Science stack, Python Web Development stack, Relational Databases, Agile.

Python Engineer & Co-Founder, Glycerine (January 2017 - January 2018):
Glycerine was an entrepreneurship and learning project consisting on an Instagram account automation system ‘as a service’; a bot that impersonates the user and mimics his behavior resulting in having a robotic ‘community manager’ working 24/7 for an instagram account. At this moment the project is cancelled due to Instagram efforts to stop this kind of bot-based products and the growing difficulty to find suitable project collaborators. We will open source most of source code in the near future.

  • Responsibilities: As tech co-founder, I was responsible of all aspects related to technology like architecting, infrastructure provisioning, developing, deploying, operations, implementing new features based on beta testers’ feedback and bug fixing.

  • Environment: Python Web Development Stack, AWS, Relational Databases.

Junior Consultant, Grupo Servinform (January 2016 - September 2016):
As a Junior IT Consultant, I participated in relevant projects at the Innovation and Consultancy department, where I had to be very polyvalent, performing different tasks depending on the project and its stage.

My responsibilities comprised: functional analysis, data wrangling and analysis, writing technical documentation and offers, making reports and presentations, attending meetings, visiting clients, among many others.

  • Main functional analyst in the biggest Robotic Process Automation project of the company with a major Spanish telecom company as client.

  • I collaborated with my seniors generating ideas and writing the technical part of the memory to start a new R&D project, publicly funded by the European Union with a positive result.

Intern, Grupo Servinform (February 2015 - December 2015):
As an Intern I had the opportunity to learn the way of work and best practices in the technology consultancy business from the best. I participated in several projects and handled responsibilities from the very first moment, becoming a valuable resource for my seniors.

  • Participated in Robotic Process Automation project for major Spanish book retail company, resulting in a reduction of average operating time (AOT) of 70%.

  • Participated in Operational Improvement project for major Spanish financial company, applying Lean Management techniques.

  • I got involved as intern in several projects as support staff where I performed several tasks like creating data models and visual reporting dashboards in Qlik, detailing system requirements, customer support by phone, or translating offers to English language among others.



MBA, Escuela de Organización Industrial (September 2014 - September 2015):
Specialization: Corporate Finance

MSc Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Sevilla (September 2007 - September 2014):
Specialization: Energy and Thermal Engineering
Thesis: Análisis estadístico de viabilidad de central termosolar de torre con SAM (System Advisor Model)
Adviser: Dr. Manuel Antonio Silva Pérez


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Operating Systems

  • Linux (prefered)
  • OSX (from 2011 to 2017)





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Big Data



Data handling

Data pipelines

Scientific computing

Machine Learning

Deep Learning (NN)

Natural Language Processing

Recommender Systems



Learning list

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